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New! Live Portrait


Where Your Pictures Come To Life!

Your photos instantly turns into a live video moment that will be cherished for years to come. You can create a 15-20 second video. Once you receive your photos just activate our app and hold your smartphone over the image to watch the video!

Digital File Transfer Options Video Options:

File Transfer 3-15 Seconds - $16.00

File Transfer 16-30 Seconds - $20.00

File Transfer 31-60 Seconds - $32.00

File Transfer 61-119 Seconds - $60.00

File Transfer 120-150 Seconds - $80.00

How to Order Live Portrait

1) Give your image and photo the same file name. (example 123.jpg and Live Portrait accepts most video file types but .mp4 and .mov work the best.

2) Select the length of your video

3) Email your movie, the length of time, and your image to

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